Welcome to Akayisha

Hi I’m manda and I’m a sockaholic… there I’ve admitted it and here’s how I get my fix because lets face it I only have two feet… so I handmake gifts with socks. I don’t stop there though I also sell various other customised gifts like towel and boxer buddies as well as personalised favours.

You can basically get your handsome or ugly mug on chocolate bars of all sizes and a variety of sweets and sweets tubs. I’ll be posting some items here as and when I get a minute (which to be fair isn’t that often) but I will do my best to keep you in the loop of whats going down in the sock cave.

Naturally I’ll be plugging my stuff so watch this space! If you don’t already know what I do come out from under that rock and have a gander at all my personalised confectionery and customised gifts in any of my stores.

My aim is to provide lovingly handmade, custom gifts that enable people to give something not only usable, but unique and personal to their friends and family, for any special occasion. There is something for all ages and budgets and I’m always open to requests if you can’t see something you like or want to adapt or combine gifts.

I’m also an avid recycler; see my sock it to me campaign and I also fundraise as much as possible for the local hospice (thats me on the left, 2nd photo down) so I’ll be running events and collections alongside my regular akayisha stuff.