Do u know any kids that love to draw? or are you an artist? Do you fancy getting your very own drawing or design on a chocolate bar or sweet? Well here’s your chance!

I’m running a design your own wrapper competition in aid of Bolton Hospice it’s only 50p to enter and there will be a total of five winners.


1st Place will receive their design on a 100g chocolate bar,
2nd Place will receive their design on a 35g chocolate bar,
3rd Place will receive their design on a 10g chocolate bar,
4th Place will receive their design on a 5g chocolate bar,
5th Place will receive their design on a mini love heart sweet.




The Sheets are available from Sainsbury’s and Bolton Hospice or in person from myself or Jessica (for those of you that know us). They can be downloaded from here, ebid or if you message me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ I’ll email a copy over to you. 

The competition is open to all ages and skill levels you can enter as many times as you wish as long as you pay the entry fee each time.

For those of you who will submit a drawing entry you simply draw a design in the design box shown on the competition sheet (ensure it stays within the lines if it’s a childs masterpiece) and hand in to the customer service desk at Sainsbury’s Bolton, Bolton Hospice, in person to myself or Jessica, via ebid or contact me to email, text or post your entry.

For those of you who have completed your design on the pc or are technologically savy enough simply email it over, png is the preferred format but jpeg, gif, tiff and bmp are also acceptable.
Lastly you pay the 50p fee to enter it into the competition either via paypal (same as the email address), in person or via the ebid auction and you could be one of the lucky winners to receive a yummy chocolate bar or sweet with your own personal drawing or design.

I will also post pictures of the designs and winners here once the competition ends. It’s for a fantastic cause the Hospice are a vital resource for many Bolton residents and families who are dealing with incurable, life-limiting illnesses. The services are provided free of charge and they are only able to fundraise within the bolton area!

So get creative, have fun and good luck

Kisses M x


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