Hi Y’all
So as always I’ve been busy busy here at akayisha HQ, the last couple of months have been mainly about making new stuff and attending fairs (when I was well enough) and trialling some new products. I realise that the blogs been neglected sorry bloggie! I figure if I name him I’m more likely to look after him and feed him with content 😉 don’t worry I’m on tablets for it ha!
Alas there are only so many hours in a day, so my bad for neglecting bloggie, now I’m not going to say I’ll be here 24/7 and yadda yadda because lets be honest I’ll just disappear for another 6 months if I say that.  I will however aim to feed him with content more often.
There have been alot of new customers asking what the range is and I have alot of new items to show you lovely regulars too, so I thought if I put them all here for everyone to see.  It gives you all a bit more of an idea of what’s what, coming up to Halloween, xmas and all the other lovely occasions like birthdays and anniversaries etc that you need gifts for throughout the year. This way it will be much easier for you all to navigate through and look at each item and then should you choose to purchase anything (go on you know you want too) you can do that via the avenue of your choice, direct via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Ebid or Ebay. There are so many ways to do it you just choose whichever you are more familiar and comfortable with and should you find yourself unable to find what you want just give me a shout and I’ll do my best to help.
Speak to you all soon my lovelies
Kisses M x


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