Those of you that know me will know I’ve been very ill this year for so I haven’t been able to get out and do much fundraising for Bolton Hospice. Hospice Helpers has been quite neglected but I’m busy with Akayisha  orders and trying to slot a few things in to donate for tomorrows Summer Party in the Park and it’s kicked my butt into gear getting back with fundraising Fridays so please feel free to contact me with a bid in the usual ways email, facebook, twitter and here too if you want to comment.

It’s Fundraising Friday peeps so I’ve got two monkey’s for you today one that’s a normal sock monkey that’s sewn and perfect to cuddle and one that is made by my own fair hand and can be taken apart and the socks worn.

The cuddle monkey comes with his very own Gi and a selection of belts. You don’t have to have the Gi he can just come plain it’s your choice. Pictures show actual monkey you will receive. The monkey sock buddy contains 10 pair of socks and can be done in with any size socks or colours. Pictures show a previous example your monkey will be made from scratch to suit your specific requirements.

Here are the listings on ebid for the cuddle monkey and funky sock buddy monkey.

All you need to do is contact me with your bid and the highest bidder wins but don’t be afraid to start off low you never know what other people have bid so it’s worth a go. All proceeds (minus postage costs) will go to Bolton Hospice. Please feel free to share and happy fundraising M x

You have until Thursday the 18th at 9am to make your bid. The winner will be announced On Thursday the 18th. If the winning bidder is not contactable it will be offered to next closest bidder. I must have your bid amount within 7 days otherwise the item will be offered again.


Cuddle Monkey

Funky Sock Buddy Monkey

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