Every one of us has regularly come across a number of those lonely socks. You know the one I mean, the one that’s lost its partner in the Bermuda triangle at the back of the washer or taken a trip through the dryer to sock Narnia, never to return. Perhaps its lifelong partner succumbed to the holey death of heel or toe. The question is do you discard its now lonely, odd but still effectively good partner or pair him/her with a new mismatched but equally comfy companion.

Socks the question!

If the answer is pair it up! Then good for you 🙂 recycling in its best form! May you continue to reincarnate and breath new life into your sockie friends and may they in turn reward you generously with warm comfy hugs on your cute little piggies or hairy gorilla toes.

If you are the fickle kind who can not grasp this new fangled trend but instead like simplicity, order and a world where things come in matching pairs, then no fear my lovelies… simply sock it to me!

I will gladly accept your donations and send your abandoned friends to sockie heaven where s/he will be transformed into a beautiful industrial cloth or donated to someone who may have never felt the love of a good comfy sock.

The proceeds from your sockie angels will then be beamed over into the Bolton Hospice bank account where it will help all the beautiful people there continue to do the amazing jobs that they do every single day.

also accepted are

  • All men’s, women’s and children’s clothing
  • Paired shoes (tied together) and slippers
  • Handbags, bags, ties & belts
  • Soft Toys
  • Blankets
  • Underwear including tights, pants and bras etc.
  • Household textiles including tea towel, towels, bed linen, curtains etc.   (no pillows or duvets though thank you)

    All items must be washed but feel free to send items that may be bleached or damaged and hence are not in a good enough condition to send to the charity shop.

Being the sock queen that I am, I’m on a mission to save as many of my lovely toe warming friends from landfill as possible. In appreciation of your donations I will select a winner every 3 months who will receive a free sock related prize. So please ensure you send your contact details along with your donation.

If you are willing to take part in sock it to me or have a bulk collection that you are happy to donate in aid of Bolton Hospice please email me with sock it to me in the subject and I will arrange a collection for you (5+ bags). Single socks are best saved up into a large letter or packet and sent 2nd class or with parcelshop, collect+, Inpost or myhermes.  If you are unsure of the cheapest way to send them and need help just contact me.

Please share the campaign with other sockaholics and friends and feel free to contact me with any queries.  If you are local I am always happy to take in items just contact me for my address.

Let’s get saving those socks!


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