So the first thing you are probably wondering about is the name (Ak-ay-isha). It’s basically linked to my fathers Irish roots and my surname Casey. I came across it one day whilst I was looking up the meaning of names and really liked it. It’s funky, unusual and unique just like me!

I love anything creative and I’ve been making various things since school (approx 18 years), in fact I even made and sold fimo earrings whilst I was still at school!. Gradually it’s built up to quite a collection… admittedly the collection involves a lot of socks. Yep you guessed it, I’m a bit of a sockaholic. Where as most people think “oh no not socks again” I think *squee* socks again. Hence anything I can make out of socks I will …it’s a bit of an obsession.

The vast majority of items were originally made for family and friends, usually because I had no idea what to buy them or I was short of cash. They were impressed and wanted them for other people it’s gradually grown from there.

I did use ebay initially but I found their fees just became so expensive that for the majority of items it just wasn’t worthwhile listing them. So i’m super excited to be able to create my shop and keep costs down for both customers and myself. I still have the shops on ebid (majority), and ebay (limited selection) along with facebook. Please do feel free to browse though and if you see anything you like just purchase or contact me to do so.

All of the items are made are handmade (apart from the socks obviously! oh lordi if i could make my own socks i’d be in heaven) and so can be personalised or customised specifically for you. Speaking of personalised socks I do those too! as well as personalised confectionery If you don’t see the type, size or colour that you want or if you want something extra added to an item then just contact me I’m always happy to oblige. Simply email, tweet, text or message me via facebook.

Anywho enough about me *nudges reader and whispers* psst you can wake up now i’ve finished boring you to death 😉

I’m off to buy more socks *evil laugh* mwah ha haaa.

Love Manda
(The Sockaholic)