Every one of us has regularly come across a number of those lonely socks. You know the one I mean, the one that’s lost its partner in the Bermuda triangle at the back of the washer or taken a trip through the dryer to sock Narnia, never to return. Perhaps its lifelong partner succumbed to the holey death of heel or toe. The question is do you discard its now lonely, odd but still effectively good partner or pair him/her with a new mismatched but equally comfy companion.

Socks the question!

If the answer is pair it up! Then good for you ūüôā recycling in its best form! May you continue to reincarnate and breath new life into your sockie friends and may they in turn reward you generously with warm comfy hugs on your cute little piggies or hairy gorilla toes.

If you are the fickle kind who can not grasp this new fangled trend but instead like simplicity, order and a world where things come in matching pairs, then no fear my lovelies… simply sock it to me!

I will gladly accept your donations and send your abandoned friends to sockie heaven where s/he will be transformed into a beautiful industrial cloth or donated to someone who may have never felt the love of a good comfy sock.

The proceeds from your sockie angels will then be beamed over into the Bolton Hospice bank account where it will help all the beautiful people there continue to do the amazing jobs that they do every single day.

also accepted are

  • All men‚Äôs, women’s and children‚Äôs clothing
  • Paired shoes (tied together) and slippers
  • Handbags, bags, ties & belts
  • Soft Toys
  • Blankets
  • Underwear including tights, pants and bras etc.
  • Household textiles including tea towel, towels, bed linen, curtains etc. ¬† (no pillows or duvets though thank you)

    All items must be washed but feel free to send items that may be bleached or damaged and hence are not in a good enough condition to send to the charity shop.

Being the sock queen that I am, I’m on a mission to save as many of my lovely toe warming friends from landfill as possible. In appreciation of your donations I will select a winner every 3 months who will receive a free sock related prize. So please ensure you send your contact details along with your donation.

If you are willing to take part in sock it to me or have a bulk collection that you are happy to donate in aid of Bolton Hospice please email me with sock it to me in the subject and I will arrange a collection for you (5+ bags). Single socks are best saved up into a large letter or packet and sent 2nd class or with parcelshop, collect+, Inpost or myhermes.  If you are unsure of the cheapest way to send them and need help just contact me.

Please share the campaign with other sockaholics and friends and feel free to contact me with any queries.  If you are local I am always happy to take in items just contact me for my address.

Let’s get saving those socks!


Those of you that know me will know I’ve been very ill this year for so I haven’t been able to get out and do much fundraising for Bolton Hospice. Hospice Helpers has been quite neglected but I’m busy with Akayisha ¬†orders and trying to slot a few things in¬†to donate for¬†tomorrows Summer Party in the Park¬†and it’s kicked my butt into gear getting back with fundraising Fridays so please feel free to contact me with a bid in the usual ways email, facebook, twitter and here too if you want to comment.

It’s Fundraising Friday peeps so I’ve got two monkey’s for you today one that’s a normal sock monkey that’s sewn and perfect to cuddle and one that is made by my own fair hand and can be taken apart and the socks worn.

The cuddle monkey comes with his very own Gi and a selection of belts. You don’t have to have the Gi he can just come plain it’s your choice. Pictures show actual monkey you will receive. The monkey sock buddy contains 10 pair of socks and can be done in with any size socks or colours. Pictures show a previous example your monkey will be made from scratch to suit your specific requirements.

Here are the listings on ebid for the cuddle monkey and funky sock buddy monkey.



All you need to do is contact me with your bid and the highest bidder wins but don’t be afraid to start off low you never know what other people have bid so it’s worth a go. All proceeds (minus postage costs) will go to Bolton Hospice. Please feel free to share and happy fundraising M x

You have until Thursday the 18th at 9am to make your bid. The winner will be announced On Thursday the 18th. If the winning bidder is not contactable it will be offered to next closest bidder. I must have your bid amount within 7 days otherwise the item will be offered again.


Cuddle Monkey

Funky Sock Buddy Monkey

Hi Guys

Sorry about the lack of posting but i’ve been super busy plus trying to sort the facebook page out and update all the listings on ebid every chance I get.¬†We’ve hit December so I really need to get the xmas¬†email out¬†and the most popular item every year is the Santa Packs. I started these because my¬†SIL was looking at letters for my nephew¬†and there were lots of personalised letters but¬†in actual fact they were simply generic letters with sections changed. Now although I understand the basis of having a generic letter, it’s a busy time of year people don’t have the time to mess. If you asked to have extra details in or change things to suit sellers were saying no… well then what exactly is the point!

So I try to make them as personalised as possible with specific details about your traditions and your childs achievements with a little humour thrown in because we all love to laugh and Santa is jolly right!

There are 4 options for the Santa Pack, they all contain a personalised letter from Santa, a personalised sweet or chocolate from Santa and reindeer food. I have included the links for ebid and ebay but feel free to contact me direct as it’s cheaper.

Option 1 – Mini’s¬†contains…
1 x personalised letter from Santa
1 x personalised 5g mini chocolate or 1 x personalised mini love heart (your choice). The 5g is approximately 3.4 x 3.4 x 4cm so think after 8 or dinner mint size. Best Before date Aug 2013. The mini love heart is approximately 3.5 x 2 x 1.9cm and usually contains 7 standard love heart sweets per roll with the original messages on them. It is available in pink foil only with a best before date of March 2014.
1 x pack of reindeer food.

£2.49 if bought direct through facebook, twitter or email. Here are the links for Ebid and Ebay

Option 2 – Giant contains…
1 x personalised letter from Santa
1 x personalised giant sweet roll, you can choose from Giant Love Hearts, Giant Parma Violets, Giant Fizzers (all approx 25 sweets per roll) or Giant Wine Gummies (approx 11 per roll). They all measure approximately 11.8 x 1.8 x 1.8cm and will be over wrapped with a paper wrapper the ends are clear. Best Before Dates are Sept/Nov 2013
1 x pack of reindeer food.

£3.49 if bought direct through facebook twitter or email. Here are the links for Ebid and Ebay

These are a new addition this year but I have added a picture of the sweets (see pictures giant selection and teaching assistant) and an example of what they look like when wrapped (thanks for being my teaching assistant) although they will be in the Santa design like the other items.

Option 3 – 35g¬† contains…
1 x personalised letter from Santa
1 x personalised 35g milk chocolate bar¬†(approx 12cm x 4.5cm x 0.6cm in silver foil) Best Before Oct 2013. A 25g milk or white chocolate¬†bar is available for younger children upon request It’s practically the same length¬†as the 35g just slimmer.
1 x pack of reindeer food.

£4.49 if bought direct through facebook twitter or email. Here are the links for Ebid and Ebay


Option 4 – 100g contains…¬†¬†
1 x personalised letter from Santa
1 x personalised 100g milk chocolate bar (approx 15.5cm x 7.6cm x 0.9cm in silver foil) Best Before Aug 2013.
1 x pack of reindeer food.

£5.49 if bought direct through facebook twitter or email. Here are the links for Ebid and Ebay

If you want to do cash on collection that’s not a problem (if you are local, otherwise I can send you a paypal invoice, if you message me your paypal address). You can then pay that with a credit card aswell if you don’t have paypal or you can direct transfer it (i will send you my bank details). If you need the packs posting 1st class is ¬£2.70 and¬†2nd class is ¬£2.20 and you can usually fit up to 2 packs under that postage if you need more packs than that myhermes would be the cheapest option usually around ¬£3.50-¬£4.20 dependant on the number of packs but I’ve sent up to 7 packs for that so it shouldn’t be any more than that.

For the standard letter layout I need to know

1. The child’s name and gender.

2. The area that you live or your actual address whichever you would prefer.

3. Details regarding what present that they have asked for.

4. Anyone else you’d like mentioned in the letter ie Brother’s, Sisters, Favourite Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Pet’s name and their genders. If there are no pets perhaps a family member that is mischievous and likely to steal dinner.

5. An achievement or accomplishment that they are particularly proud of which I can slot into the above section.

6. If you have any specific traditions or leave any specific food out for Santa, Rudolf etc

7. Anything else you want mentioning, I’ll then email you an electronic proof over just to ensure that you are happy with it before I go to print.

You are more than welcome to have a completely personalised letter most people just follow the format because it’s less hassle. If you are having a photo on the giant sweet roll, 35g or 100g then just email it over and i will add it on.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I am very busy at present with all the gifts and personalised items so please allow up to 10-14 working days for your orders to arrive. If you need them sooner just contact me and I will do my best if you do not mention a sooner date I will assume the standard lead time if fine.

Hi Y’all
So as always I‚Äôve been busy busy here at akayisha HQ, the last couple of months have been mainly about¬†making new stuff and attending fairs (when I was well enough) and¬†trialling some new products. I realise that the blogs been neglected sorry bloggie! I figure if¬†I name him I‚Äôm more likely to look after him and feed him with content ūüėČ don’t worry I‚Äôm on tablets for it ha!
Alas there are only so many hours in a day, so my bad for neglecting bloggie, now I’m not going to say I’ll be here 24/7 and yadda yadda because lets be honest I’ll just disappear for another 6 months if I say that.  I will however aim to feed him with content more often.
There have been alot of new customers asking what the range is and I have alot of new items to show you lovely regulars too, so I thought if I put them all here for everyone to see.  It gives you all a bit more of an idea of what’s what, coming up to Halloween, xmas and all the other lovely occasions like birthdays and anniversaries etc that you need gifts for throughout the year. This way it will be much easier for you all to navigate through and look at each item and then should you choose to purchase anything (go on you know you want too) you can do that via the avenue of your choice, direct via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Ebid or Ebay. There are so many ways to do it you just choose whichever you are more familiar and comfortable with and should you find yourself unable to find what you want just give me a shout and I’ll do my best to help.
Speak to you all soon my lovelies
Kisses M x



Do u know any kids that love to draw? or are you an artist? Do you fancy getting your very own drawing or design on a chocolate bar or sweet? Well here’s your chance!

I’m¬†running a design your own wrapper competition in aid of Bolton Hospice it’s only 50p to enter and there will be a total of five winners.


1st Place will receive their design on a 100g chocolate bar,
2nd Place will receive their design on a 35g chocolate bar,
3rd Place will receive their design on a 10g chocolate bar,
4th Place will receive their design on a 5g chocolate bar,
5th Place will receive their design on a mini love heart sweet.




The Sheets are available from Sainsbury’s and Bolton Hospice or in person from myself or Jessica (for those of you that know¬†us). They can be downloaded from here, ebid¬†or if you message me¬†on¬†Facebook, Twitter¬†or Google+¬†I’ll email a copy over to you.¬†

The competition is open to all ages and skill levels you can enter as many times as you wish as long as you pay the entry fee each time.

For those of you who will submit a drawing entry you simply draw a design in the design box shown on the competition sheet (ensure it stays within the lines if it’s a childs masterpiece) and hand in to the customer service desk at Sainsbury‚Äôs Bolton, Bolton Hospice, in person to myself or Jessica, via ebid¬†or contact me to email, text or post your entry.

For those of you who have completed your design on the pc or are technologically savy enough simply email it over, png is the preferred format but jpeg, gif, tiff and bmp are also acceptable.
Lastly you pay the 50p fee to enter it into the competition either via paypal (same as the email address), in person or via the ebid auction and you could be one of the lucky winners to receive a yummy chocolate bar or sweet with your own personal drawing or design.

I will also post pictures of the designs and winners here once the competition ends. It’s for a fantastic cause the Hospice are a vital resource for many Bolton residents and families who¬†are dealing with¬†incurable, life-limiting illnesses. The services are provided free of charge and they are only able to fundraise within the bolton area!

So get creative, have fun and good luck

Kisses M x


So the lovely Al over at eiWebDesign has done this blog for me thank you Al! Check out his site he’s the man if you need website development, promotion, custom graphics anything to help your offline or online business, club, non-profit, home based enterprise create an online impact really he’s your guy.

Every time he mentioned it I just thought eeek I’m too busy and seriously who would want to read my waffle anyway, no one right? but then he couldnt resist having a play about and when I saw it and¬† I was so impressed with it and it really got me thinking.

I have some wonderful friends with very funny and interesting blogs that I read when I have the time. Like Carrie’s Blog there have been times when I have nearly had an accident I’ve laughed so hard at one of her posts she is hilarious! Check out the lovely Steve’s Blog and the escapades of Mavis and Mildred. Steve reminds me very much of Stephen Fry very intelligent, bit of a mad hatter but a genuine lovely guy! Then last but in no means least if you have a long term illness like me the read the Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino over at but you dont look sick.com. It helps explain to the healthy people in your life what it’s like to walk a day in your shoes.

So thinking about it Al’s right I’m influenced by blogs all the time and it’s often through blogs that I find interesting sites with really unique stuff so this is my blog and after i’ve finished boring you all to death I’ll be plugging my own unique stuff ūüôā are you ready here comes a plug now…

Ever had anyone buy you a sock alien? yes I did just say sock alien! well then tell them you want one or better still buy yourself one and tell them they owe you the money!

Designed for halloween for the kids to donate at our Charity bag pack at Sainsbury’s Bolton, in aid of Bolton Hospice. It was originally called a sock monster (although I’ve been told he looks like many other things you know who you are!!) the kids decided he looked like an alien. So Alan the Alien was born *winks at Dale* (she named him) here he is below…

he’s out of this world!

He’s available at www.akayisha.com or my ebay shop akayishagifts but i’m still in the process of transfering everything over on ebay so he’s also still available with various other sock buddies like Lilly Ladybug and Simon the Snail under my mand61123 account. Once everythings transfered over it’ll just be akayisha.com and akayishagifts but I’m having to build up my selling allowances so please bear with me and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Simon the Snail, Alan the Alien and Lilly Ladybug

I hope you think that they are as adorable as I do and even better they are only pinned so they are completely wearable after you open them. I’ll definately be making some of these up for family and friends this christmas, in fact my nephew Lewis has already put his orders in ha ha ha!

Well I’m off to do some proofs now so don’t miss me too much I’ll be back for more waffle soon.

Mands x

This is the first post on Akayisha’s new blog!

Launched in November 2011 I will be featuring news about products¬†I’m making for my Akayisha online store¬†coming here¬†soon… as well as jotting any other snippets of news or gossip¬†I find of interest.

The blog won’t initially feature comments due to the growing problem of comment spam, and the lack of time I have to deal with it…

However if you have a comment, a suggestion or a question about Akayisha handmade gifts — feel free to use¬†the contact form and¬†I will respond as soon as possible, or publish your item on the blog (if appropriate).

Thanks a lot for stopping by — I hope you’ll come back soon

Kisses M  x (Manda)

This is a demo store for testing purposes ‚ÄĒ no orders shall be fulfilled.